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Live Shipping Rates Troubleshooting

If your site is configured to calculate live shipping rates, but no rates are returned during checkout (either on the storefront or in Mozu Admin), there are a number of possible causes. Check the following:

  • At Settings > Shipping > Carriers & Settings, be sure you have a Shipping From location defined.
  • At Locations, be sure a valid address for the location is configured in the Address field.
  • At Settings > Shipping > Carriers & Settings, be sure that the credentials for the carrier are correct under the Shipping Methods and Rates section.

In some cases, some rates may display, but not all expected rates. In these cases, if you are using UPS SurePost:

  • Be sure you have negotiated your rates directly with UPS. Access to rates is not automatic.
  • If your carrier provides SurePost, please be aware that it doesn't appear in Mozu as an option automatically unless you request it from us in writing.
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