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Discount Properties in the GetOrder(s) Response Body

If you are developing an application that acts on Orders (using the commerce/orders resource), some of the discount properties in the response body of a GetOrder or GetOrders operation might not be intuitive.

On an order with NO discounts applied, you will find the following JSON data:

"orderDiscounts": [],
"subtotal": 39.97,
"discountedSubtotal": 39.97,
"discountTotal": 0,
"discountedTotal": 39.97,
"shippingTotal": 14.97,
"shippingSubTotal": 14.97,
"shippingTaxTotal": 1.24,
"handlingTaxTotal": 0,
"itemTaxTotal": 0,
"taxTotal": 1.24,
"feeTotal": 0,
"total": 56.18,

It may seem incorrect to include values for "discountedTotal" and "discountedSubtotal" (instead of a null value), but this is intentional because they are values, rather than object references, and are therefore always present and included.

Refer to the Mozu Docs for more information about orders in Mozu. (Login required.)

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