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The Difference Between Category Code and Category ID

When you create a category in Mozu Admin, the first field at the top of the form is Category Code. You can enter alphanumeric text of your choice, but please be aware that this value is only intended to serve as an alternative API reference; it does not appear on your storefront.

The field is not required, but a value will be automatically generated if you leave it blank. In these cases, the text used is the Category ID value, which is automatically generated based on when you created the category sequentially relative to other categories. This value displays in the category edit page URL in Mozu Admin, and in the storefront category page URL. Additionally, when you assign a category to a product, the value displays in parenthesis next to the category name.

It is not currently possible to edit the Category ID value, but you can edit the portion of the storefront URL it occupies. For more information about editing URLs, see URL Customization Options.

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