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How to Duplicate a Product

When setting up a product that is similar to an existing product, you may find it easier to duplicate the existing product and modify its settings selectively than to create a new product from scratch. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. In Mozu Admin, go to the Catalog module.
  2. Locate the product you want to duplicate.
  3. In the Actions column, select Duplicate.
    • You can also select this option in the product edit view from the More menu.
  4. Enter a new Code value.
  5. Edit the Name value.
  6. All other settings are copied from the original product. You may want to change the following:
    • Short Description
    • Full Description
    • Images
    • Price
    • Part numbers or UPC
    • Properties, options, and extras
    • Categories
    • SEO values
  7. Click Save.

Products with Product Usage values of Standard Product, Product Bundle, and Bundle Component will duplicate all information except the Code value and inventory information. The same is true of a Configurable Product With Options, but variant products will also not be duplicated.

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